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Our Philosophy

The Spirit of Perfection, it defines and lends credence to all our actions. For us, it is a continuous process, as alive today as it was when we set out to revolutionize the industrial filtration & separation industry in 1986.

Our enduring commitment to perfection has meant that the spirit lives with us when we procure, when we process, when we inspect, when we paint and pack and most importantly when we serve our customers. This incessant spirit has been the principal reason for our company's success.

A varied and active clientele share this passion for perfection and have been doing so for a long time. Our partnership has translated in to increased value propositions for both our customers and us. There is value addition for our customers because they are provided with the most optimal technical-economical solution and there is value addition to us because each customer is a showcase, a showcase of our competencies.

Our Infrastructure


We have planned extensively in creating sufficient work area in order to facilitate an organized, clutter-free environment for executing our work. We have three units with a cumulative work area of 30,000 sq. ft. We are proud to let you know that more than 40% of this workspace is allotted to stocking inventories currently. This way we can service your requirements quicker than any other competitor. We even have spare capacity to expand our inventory when the necessity arises.

  • Total workspace of 30,000 sq. ft
  • Large inventories space of 12,000 sq. ft


Our manufacturing infrastructure is unparalleled. We have a CNC horizontal machining center from Makino, a CNC vertical machining center from Dah-Lih, and two CNC lathes from LMW. In addition to this, we are strongly supported by our wide and trusted network of sub-contract partners.

We have spot welding machines with various capacities to accurately fabricate filter elements of different thicknesses/materials. We even have spotting rods of various nugget diameters to delicately spot-weld fine meshes. We have automatic PLC controlled pleating machines for manufacturing absolute rated filter elements. We also have special purpose machinery for maintaining consistency in the manufacturing of absolute rated filter elements. The entire fine filter manufacturing set up is housed in a clean room environment with dual barriers to avoid dust contamination during the manufacturing process. Our arc and TIG welding shop is equipped with necessary equipment to carry out quality welding in accordance to ASME Section IX and PED 97/23/EC. All our welding equipments have rectifier circuits to accurately control current and voltage characteristics.

  • CNC machines – HMC, VMC, Lathes
  • Automatic PLC pleating & SPM machines
  • Spot welding machines
  • SMAW & GTAW welding machines


Testing is one of the most intensively invested aspects of our entire process. We have equipped our testing team with sophisticated equipment like the XRF Analyzer (PAMI), which instantaneously tests for nine elements to reinforce your confidence in laboratory chemical results. It also has Lead Paint mode, which enables us to control the lead content in paint raw materials.

Since 100% of our products undergo some sort of non-destructive testing, we have ASNT Level II inspector in-house to conduct NDE or verify service provider findings. In order to successfully conduct our proof tests, we equipped ourselves with high-pressure pumps to hydro test at very high pressures. To obtain maximum productivity we have also invested in pneumatically operated batch hydro testing rigs that can test up to four or five strainers at a time depending on size.

Apart from these, we also have several measuring instruments for 1D and 2D dimensions, which allow us carry out our quality checks competently. Each of these instruments is periodically calibrated and only used when within limits of error allowances.

  • Positive Alloy Metal Identifier (PAMI)
  • ASNT Level II qualified NDE inspectors (LT, MT, RT, UT)
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspector
  • API 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hydro test rigs
  • Hydro test pressure up to 1620 bar (23000 psi)


  • Cumulative design experience of 66 years
  • Cumulative manufacturing experience of 54 years
  • Average ‘Sungov’ work experience of staff is 10 years

Design and manufacturing knowledge form the support pillars of our competitive existence.

Each and every aspect of product safety is carefully detailed and accounted for in our design. In fact, this forms the basis of our CE certification. All relevant standards and directives (like ASME, ASTM, BS, EN, DIN, ISO, JS, IS) are strictly adhered to when designing our products.

Apart from this, our design incorporates feedback from you to pertinently meet your requirements and make the design as efficient as possible.

Hence over a decade, we have documented appropriate parameters like

  • Flow vs. impurities characteristics for various fluids and filter ratings
  • Flow vs. pressure drop characteristics for various fluids and filter ratings
  • Flow velocity vs. particle velocity relations for phase separations

We also have a dedicated R&D Department whose sole responsibility is to work on various new product technologies and improving existing technologies. The cumulative design experience of the R&D Department alone is 35 years with exposure to various mechanical and process industries.

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